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Newsletters 2018

NL T1 2018 ENG frontNewsletter Term 2, 2018 english


Newsletters 2017

NL T1 2017 ENG Final frontNLT12017ENGFrontNL T3 2017 ENG frontNL T4 2017 ENGfinalfront>


Newsletters 2016

NL 2016 1 ENG frontDSMNewsletter20162ENGfront3NL2016ENG2016 T4 ENG Front


Newsletters 2015

2015-1ENGDeutsch RB 2 2014.pdfDeutsch RB 2 2014.pdfDeutsch RB 2 2014.pdf


Newsletters 2014

English NL 1 2014.pdf English NL 2 2014.pdf


Newsletters 2013

2013-NL-1.jpg 2013-NL-2.jpg 2013-NL-3.jpg placeholder


Newsletters 2012

2012-NL-1.jpg 2012-NL-2.jpg 2012-NL-3.jpg 2012-NL-4.jpg


Newsletters 2011

2011-NL-1.jpg 2011-NL-2.jpg 2011-NL-3.jpg placeholder


Support our School!

DSM is a not-for-profit association based on a strong membership. Members support our school by electing or being elected to the school board and participating in various school working groups. Members can also use the German/English library of DSM. Annual membership fees are $27.50 for one person or $55 for the whole family. You can find the application form here.


Organisations can support the school directly by entering a sponsorship agreement.

For further details please contact our Business Manager Barbara Walsh ().


Deutsche Schule Melbourne operates the following gift funds that can accept your kind donations:

All donations over $2 are tax- deductible.