Internship at the DSM

Deutsche Schule Melbourne offers students studying for a teachers degree the opportunity for an internship at DSM. Students with a special interest in bilingual education in primary years are encouraged to apply.

Please find further information here (available in German only).

 Currently, we have positions from

  • Term 1/2018 onwards


 Are you interested in an internship at the DSM? Please read here what our former interns write about their time at the DSM.

"Being part of the Deutsche Schule Melbourne for a whole term, assisting the teachers and teaching the children myself whilst being supported by the teaching colleagues, has given me a great deal of confidence for my future practical professional training. The DSM is the ideal place to challenge myself as a teacher without being afraid of making mistakes. The entire experience at DSM has again confirmed my decision to become a teacher." Marie, T4 2011.

"Something I will certainly remember about my time at the DSM is the hearty welcome from both colleagues and students that created an unforgettable experience, and all practical advices I will always be able to use in my future career as a teacher." Helen, T4 2011.

"What I particularly liked about my work at the DSM were all the different opportunities I had. I was warmly welcomed by the entire DSM staff, was able to actively participate in the school life and could try different things whilst teaching myself. The time at the DSM was a clear enrichment for my future career as a primary school teacher and I like to think back to it." Marie, T2 2011.