Vision, Mission and Philosophy


Deutsche Schule Melbourne helps students to realise their individual potential and become creative and confident participants in the global community.



  • We inspire life-long learning by empowering students to lead their own learning journey.
  • We inspire our students by offering learning experiences encompassing the heart, head and hands.
  • We inspire our students to express themselves creatively and think critically about a world without borders.


  • We nurture the whole child in our vibrant German, Australian and multicultural community.
  • We nurture mutual respect, understanding and caring for the individual.
  • We nurture inclusive classrooms in which everyone feels pride and belonging.


  • We challenge our students to embrace diverse perspectives through bilingualism and by exposing them to an immersion program run by native speakers.
  • We challenge our students academically by teaching according to the Victorian as well as the German Curriculum.
  • We challenge our community members to live sustainably by reducing our footprint and taking care of precious resources.


Our school environment assists children to grow into balanced and confident individuals who are able to take responsibility for themselves and others. Being able to communicate in two mother-tongues enables them to perceive the world from a range of cultural perspectives. It assists them in developing a global view on life and appreciating cultural diversity.

This is fostered by the school being an integral part of both local and German-speaking communities. With its strong sense of community among the students’ families and its cultural activities inviting the wider community to take part in the school’s life the DSM is more than an educational institution. Ultimately, the school provides students with the environment to live and learn two cultures.

The bilingual and bicultural education of children at DSM is delivered through the school's immersion program and reflects the philosophy of the school.