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School Association

Deutsche Schule Melbourne is a not-for-profit incorporated association with more than 180 members. Members support the success of the school in various ways. They are involved in different working groups or committees, support school events or are members of the board.
Most board members are elected representatives of the school association. In addition, the German-Lutheran Trinity Church and the German-Catholic St. Christophorus Church hold one board position each.


The Board is responsible for the overall governance and performance of the Deutsche Schule Melbourne. It oversees the school management team and the members of the Board are personally liable under common Australian company law.

Florian Dehne (Chair)
Florian is Chairman and one of the founders of the school. He led the start-up of the school and since its opening has focused on school development and governance. He is also a member of the HR committee. Florian has a background in management consulting and driving the growth of internet businesses - currently with SEEK.

Volker Ankenbrand
Volker represents the St Christophorus church on the board. He joined the board in 2007 and is also the Chairman of St Christophorus Parish Council. Volker's background is in technical consulting. He works at CSC specialising in the implementation and operations of SAP systems.

Julia Farley
Julia has worked in a range of industries including automotive, engineering and medical technology. Over the last 6 years her focus has been in Human Resources. She currently works as a consultant for the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Anke Hochmuth
Anke represents the German Lutheran Trinity Church and joined the board in August 2018. Anke's background is teaching. She worked as a primary school teacher in Germany and is currently teaching German at different language schools in Melbourne.

Bernd Kalinna
Bernd's focus on the DSM board is in the area of the curriculum development. Professionally, he holds an honorary position as Associate Professor (Parasitology) at RMIT University and is the Editor-In-Chief of one of the leading international scientific journals in his field. Bernd recently also finished a Master of Teaching (Secondary) degree at La Trobe University.

Paul Monkus (Treasurer)
Paul is the Finance Manager of SEEK Learning. Together with the SEEK Learning Leadership Team, he continues to work with Education partners to help provide a platform for individuals to achieve their career objectives by pursuing different education options. Paul has worked across Australia and Japan with PwC as a chartered accountant, as well as being involved in various youth and disability organisations. He joined the DSM board in 2017 and is excited to help the school grow and provide its students with a positive life experience.

Maxie Porter-Heubeck
Maxie works for the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet on major issues related to the future of government. She has held various roles across the Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Department of Education with a focus on intergovernmental relations, strategic policy and governance. Maxie has a German background and has spent time living in Germany and studying in Austria.

Paul M. Southwick
Paul is a chartered accountant, journalist and test pilot. He is of German heritage and was previously an officer of Allianz AG in Munich and CFO / company secretary for ASX listed entities. Published internationally on business, aviation and culture topics, Paul is a business consultant, company director, and Vice-Chair of the Graduate Union of Melbourne University.

Eleanor Williams
Eleanor joined the board in 2015 and currently leads the Centre for Evaluation and Research at the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services. Eleanor worked in a variety of roles in the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) including as Acting Director of Performance Insights and senior positions in the Higher Education and Skills Group, and Infrastructure and Financial Services Group. Eleanor has extensive experience in data analysis, strategic policy development, research and evaluation, and stakeholder engagement.

Support our School!

DSM is a not-for-profit association based on a strong membership. Members support our school by electing or being elected to the school board and participating in various school working groups. Members can also use the German/English library of DSM. Annual membership fees are $27.50 for one person or $55 for the whole family. You can find the application form here.


Organisations can support the school directly by entering a sponsorship agreement.

For further details please contact our Business Manager Barbara Walsh ().


Deutsche Schule Melbourne operates the following gift funds that can accept your kind donations:

All donations over $2 are tax- deductible.