A Day at a Bilingual School


Before School Care

For some children the day begins at 7.00am when their parents bring them to Before School Care where they have breakfast and play. As the Before School Care is only 500m from the DSM children are picked up by an intern at 8.45am and walked to the school. Children not attending Before School Care arrive at school between 8.45am and 9.00am.

Lesson start

Once at school, the children put their lunchboxes and beverages into the fridge and play with friends. There’s always a lot activity in the yard and much friendly chatter between parents, siblings, teachers and students. At 9.00am the school day begins with a morning circle when the plans for the day are discussed and students perform their daily Brain Gym exercises to get the day started. At 9.15am the lessons begin.


English, German and Mathematics are taught daily. A specific topic may be initially introduced in Integrated Studies, but tends to be reflected upon in the other subjects from different perspectives. Art and Music features on two days in the timetable and Physical Education is taught three times per week.


During the morning there is a snack break at 10.45am, followed by some time to play in the school yard. Lunch starts at 12.45pm. Students bring their own snack and lunch. The school endorses healthy eating habits and a balanced diet. Indeed the topic of health and nutrition features regularly during lessons. After eating lunch, students go outside for extended play in the yard. After two more lessons, the school day concludes at 3.30pm. Parents pick up their children by 3.45pm unless students are to be escorted to After School Care or are attending extra-curricular activities at the school.

Support our School!

DSM is a not-for-profit association based on a strong membership. Members support our school by electing or being elected to the school board and participating in various school working groups. Members can also use the German/English library of DSM. Annual membership fees are $27.50 for one person or $55 for the whole family. You can find the application form here.


Organisations can support the school directly by entering a sponsorship agreement.

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