• Bilingualism In Our Global World – A Gift That Lasts A Lifetime

    Bilingualism In Our Global World – A Gift That Lasts A Lifetime

    Being able to communicate in two mother-tongues enables students to perceive the world from a range of cultural perspectives. Our interactive and interdisciplinary bilingual German-English curriculum assists in developing a global view on life and appreciating cultural diversity. Learn more about the benefits of a bilingual education click here.
  • Bilingualism & Cultural Diversity

    Bilingualism & Cultural Diversity

    Deutsche Schule Melbourne is a German-English bilingual immersion school. We help students of all nationalities to realise their individual potential and become creative and confident participants in the global community.
  • Interactive Learning Within A Strong Community

    Interactive Learning Within A Strong Community

    Together we create and shape everyday school life within our small and strong international community. We value RESPECT, TRUST, KINDNESS, HONESTY and PATIENCE. Students and parents alike enjoy participating in a variety of school events that foster multiculturalism and life-long friendships.
  • Who We Are

    Who We Are

    We are an independent, bilingual school and one of 140 schools accredited by the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad. The school follows the Victorian Early Learning Standards (VELS) and Thuringia curricula. This facilitates student transition between the Australian and German school systems. The school is actively planning to add a secondary school to its current offering.
  • Schedule A Visit

    Schedule A Visit

    We welcome families of all nationalities. Get to know us better at an Open Day or by scheduling a personal tour. Click here for details.
  • Best Quality Of Education

    Best Quality Of Education

    DSM supports students to grow into balanced and confident individuals by learning to speak in front of a group, to think critically, and learn laterally across subject areas. Our high quality commitment ensure that our graduates have the best prerequisites for success at secondary and tertiary schools around the world.
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  • Open Day 2019

    Open Day 2019

    We invite you and your family to experience Deutsche Schule Melbourne first hand during our upcoming Open Day on 22nd May 2019. Read More
  • SBS radio interview

    SBS radio interview

    SBS German visited our school to talk about what it means to learn another language and how our students benefit from it. Read More
  • Our very own colouring book

    Our very own colouring book

    We are very proud to have our very own colouring book now. All future Foundation Year students will receive this book as a birthday gift prior to starting school.
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 L2A7241The Weinekoetter family (German-German background)
“Before we even had kids, I had looked up DSM as I always wanted my kids to grow up bilingually. It has been really good for them. I love watching them navigate seamlessly between the two languages and cultures. They are both extremely happy here. My husband and I have also found our place in the DSM community. I am heavily involved in the organisation of the DSM Christmas Market. It’s a year-long project, really, but so much fun. Starting with doing the graphics with another mum, crafting for it, finding space for stall-holders, laughing a lot and finally decorating a mountain of gingerbread in the last three days before the market. It is my most treasured kind of madness! DSM has a very vibrant school community. It has been a really great meeting place. It is a mix of cultures, really – not just German and Australian. Many families have lived all over the world and bring their experiences to the school. It’s this richness and open-mindedness that is truly inspiring.“

 L2A7168The Wolf family (German-English background)
“After our experiences in other schools around Melbourne, DSM is a unique and enriching experience for children, parents and no doubt teachers alike. We have four children and three that are school age and attending DSM from Foundation Year to Year 3. We have made this decision to give our children a German cultural immersion (German traditions, language and native German teachers). We believe this is such an advantage for personal growth, understanding and knowledge for life. By sending our children to a small school, we know that our children will not be lost in the system which we have experienced. DSM has a strong community among parents and teachers and we feel  that our children are cared for in the very best way and that they feel safe. We have been very impressed by our children’s development over the past two years at DSM, especially with that of our son, who has greatly improved since joining the school in mid-2017 to now. After just half a year he has made progress in many areas and now he is speaking German to other classmates. We thank DSM for all your hard work and support!“

 L2A7135The Backwell family (English-English background)
“We have been at DSM since 2016 when Claude entered the Foundation Year, having attended the FROEBEL Bilingual Early Learning Centre next to DSM for their kindergarten program in 2015. We love DSM and feel very privileged to be able to give our child the gift of a bilingual education. And whilst learning a second language is important in its own right, DSM also attracts a very diverse and international group of families in which Claude can learn different customs and ways of being that can only serve to enrich his understanding of and curiosity about the larger world and his ability to function with confidence in it. And so, for our family, a German bilingual education is proving to be the perfect pathway to creating a good global citizen. DSM has become a second family for us and we cherish all of the friendships that we, as a family, have made.“

Term Dates 2019

Term 1: 29.01.2019 – 05.04.2019
06.04.2019 – 23.04.2019 Holiday
Term 2: 24.04.2019 – 21.06.2019
22.06.2019 – 15.07.2019

Term 3: 16.07.2019 – 20.09.2019
21.09.2019 – 07.10.2019 Holiday

Term 4: 08.10.2019 – 18.12.2019
19.12.2019 – 27.01.2020

Term Dates 2020
Term 1: 28.01.2020 – 27.03.2020
Term 2: 15.04.2020 – 19.06.2020
Term 3: 14.07.2020 – 18.09.2020
Term 4: 06.10.2020 – 17.12.2020